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tax office deductions

June 29, 2007

Someone stuffs a wad of papers in my face. It contains a claim for child support. I look at them like they are the idots they are and toss the papers back at them. They have tried this before.


Cars and Cafes

June 21, 2007

Not long after I moved to Ridge Road, Kallista, I had this dream. I travel down the hill in my car to a shopping center, it is some strange amalgam of existing ones. It does not really exist. There are several cafes. In one are my friends. In others are people who live in the local area. All are full. From time to time the arrangement of the streets change. People are curious. The weather is mild. I go in with my friends. When I come out my car (back then a red ford laser) has been damaged. The back of it is bashed in as if by another car. Strangely I am annoyed and curious rather than upset.

Sometime later, driving up the hill from Belgrave, through Sherbrooke forest, a 4wd ran into the back of my car and caused very similar damage. Recently I had another car damage dream. Interesting. This time the car had been broken into via a smashed side window. But when I looked more closely and tried to analyze the situation, it changed to an open window. when I wonder how it is open, suddenly there is a smashed side panel (my current car has strange side panels). It is a moving target. Every-time I analyze the situation changes.


June 16, 2007

I am in the north west of Western Australia. There are people to the south. Wonderful people call out Ningaloo with a happy voice. Never before or since have I heard such joy in the pronouncement of a name. They part in an unexpected and sudden movement. Behind them is an Apache helicopter in dark green and grey camouflage colours.  It takes off from the middle of the view towards the right.