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electric train dreams

July 27, 2007

This set of dreams has to do with an electric train network. There are lots of different variations. So I’ll only list what I can remember for now and probably come along later and add more.

The train network consists of a very complicated set of lines in the city with a couple of lines heading out into the suburbs and one into a more rural area. Well that’s what they seem to do. There is a lack of connectedness to the whole arrangement. The lines are always dual track and the network seems to be electric.


  • I spend some time just traveling on the trains, backwards and forwards. I keep on getting on at the same stop, that is quite like Oak Park station. In fact, I often start at this station that is like Oak Park. The traveling is just experimentation. What happens if I get on here, what happens if I get off there. I always get on another train. After some rides I get off. I walk downs an old commercial/industrial area. There are wire mesh fences across some of the side streets. I want to go down. But the street I am standing at is blocked off.  There is always the option of peeling back the fence. It would be easy. I decide to try an alternative street. I am contemplate using either the next one to the left or to the right, but a teenage boy, probably from the Indian sub continent directs me down the one to the right. As I head off there I wake up.
  • I am in the main center. There is a complicated series of lines and interchanges. Some of the stations have massive platforms. Some bits of the network are like the lines around North Melbourne in arrangement, some like the Sydney Underground if it has stations with 20 lines. I spend some time wandering around train lines and platforms. This has occurred several times and I seem to explore anther part of the network or stations each time I am there. One or two times I have left. Sometimes, there is a problem and I have to change lines. Especially when using the very deep line.

and endless green plain

July 23, 2007

I am traveling along a road across a dead flat endless green plain. It is a pleasant and uneventful journey. Off to one side is a river valley. I am traveling comfortably. Not in a car or any other such vehicle, but nor am I walking or running. In fact the idea of a road is just that, an idea. There is a side road into the valley. I go down there. There is a river and a series of rapids, waterfalls and lakes. People are scattered over this landscape. There are lots of people I know. I spend some time with them. It is a friendly and caring place. I could stay for a long time. But I only stay a short time and in the end I leave. I have somewhere else to go. A destination I do not understand. So I climb back out of the valley onto the endless green plain. I continue my journey.

From when I lived in West Melbourne. 

An endless sea of peaceful minds

July 13, 2007

I am sleeping in a capsule hotel in Osaka, Japan. (this much is true). When I went to sleep, I was almost alone. I am aware. For some reason I am now facing the opposite way to what I went to sleep. My head is next to the bamboo shutter over the end of my capsule. I feel that I could reach out and open the shutter. It is not locked. But I choose not to. Whereas the place was empty when I went to sleep, now it is full. I can feel the grid formed by the capsules stretching down a few rows and left and right into the distance. The place is now full of people and there are very many. Two rows down and more than ten in each direction to the left and right. Their minds are peacefully asleep and there is a strange relaxing, comfortable feeling to the place.

When I woke up, the place was really full of people and they were all there using the facilities the next morning. It was a single sex place, so the business women were using the same bathroom facilities as the men. They were just one more person in the pace and no exception was made.  It was all very formal and demure.

A disaster in Rennes, Bretagne région, France.

July 2, 2007

I was visiting Rennes. Lots of dreams that for some reason involved massive changes of scale, zooming in and out. I am looking what appears to be a branch. But it may be a road or a log. It is huge and cylindrical. It reminds me of a bone, a person’s arm bone. Along the top is a road with old style cottages along either side. Horses and carts come and go. I wonder when it is. They year is 1235. There is some disaster and the bone construction has been broken. It has re-healed, but like a bone that is not correctly set. The breakage is something to do with the Christian church. Too much force was applied. A societal disaster. The society is fractured. The pain was great. The suffering lasts till this day. They ask for help. But I am not sure what to do. I zoom in and out to assess the situation. In the end I re-break the bone. I place the two ends together, but they do not heal. So I provide a splint of sorts to join the ends. It is some kind of iron ring. This I do not understand. It is better than before, but still not fixed. After a year or two it rejoins. This dream keeps on re-occurring for years. Slowly we fix the problem. More breaks are required. But it is not easy.