a weird tv

this one just happened, I got up to write it down. It follows an evening of quite unusual dreams. Some of the early ones my recollection is not sufficient to write down. but the last part of the last one is quite clear. 

I am in a room which is where I live. This room is nothing like any real place I have lived. The room is long with a door at one end and a window door with a balcony at the other. Along one side is a plain lounge. Everything is grey. The TV is the TV from my lounge and there is some basic equipment. Though it sits on a small wiry stand. Some of the vaguely recollected section relate to setting this up. It’s like it took a while for the dream to tune in. 

There seems to be a desired effect. But it is not working. Out of nowhere a man appears. It is someone I know. At first I cannot focus on him as he is also appearing in the TV. So he changes the channel. No effect. So the TV is rotated, but still it distracts. First the first power point is turned off, the TV is still on. Then the second and only other power point. The TV is still on. The TV is moved out into the corridor leading up to the front door. Still it is on. But now it is out of the way. The man tries something that has been tried before. It is ok, I respect this person. But it won’t help the others. For they tried the same thing and it did not work.


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