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A gun emplacement

January 28, 2008

this dream happened a lot during the 1980’s. It had several variants and seemed to evolve over time.

I am at a dug in gun emplacement. Initially it is just a gun emplacement, in a tunnel, that has been overrun. Years later I wonder why. I watch from inside the gun emplacement a hoard of trolls show up and overrun the gun emplacement. The gunners put up a fight, but they are no match. As an observer I escape trough a hole in the ground. One day, later, I wonder what is in the hole in the ground. There is an air-conditioning fan. It takes up all of the small duct. But there is a gap, I let my self past the gap. They do not seem to understand how I escaped down here. I do this several times. 

A minor variant is that there is an underground river. On either side, there are gun emplacements. In both cases they are overrun. The gunners never win. 


a list on a computer

January 18, 2008

this dream only every happened once.

my mind is wrenched to a computer screen. a second person tries to stop the list. drags the scroll bar back up the list. the first person drags is back down. I see my name on the list under the category CCC. the second person is angry and says, why did you show him this?


January 16, 2008

a dream, a few weeks ago. completely unlike any other. 

 There is just a word. The word is sorry. They are very sorry. They offer a personal apology from the chief of police. I resist the dream and stop it in its tracks. This is not what I want.

Andrew Pugsley is dead!

January 2, 2008

this dream happened on 30 Dec 2007. It seems to be a rehash of vaguely remembered dreams from before, but from where andrew joins in, it is completely new.

I am in a bar come coffee shop, with australian bush furnishings, but serving a mix of things more like a beer house in europe. I have just come back from watching the filming of some movie or TV show. The people the actors and I seem to vaguely know them. Some are people I have met, but it is a bit non-specific. Then an old school friend turns up. Andrew Pugsley. I dare say a much younger version that you would see today. He has just taken a guest role in the show. 


We go back to my place, but do not stay. We do not talk. On the return trip, there is a great storm as you get sometimes in Sydney. We are speeding around the windy roads, quite like the ones in the Eastern Suburbs. Water sprays from the wheels of the prius as we zoom around the bends. In fact, I am not in the car. I am just the left of the left front wheel, watching the water spray up. At an intersection the car is shunted from behind. There is a multiple car pile up. I am not involved as I was not in the car.


I look across the road and there are about 10 wrecked cars. 8 are in some kind of shipping container. I wonder where andrew is. He is in the car, which is one of the burned out ones in the container. He is still strapped in the passenger seat. All that remains are the charred skeleton features. Though it is a bit rubbery and for some reason all still together. It is more like a prop from a bad horror movie.