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narrow streets and no right turns

June 20, 2008

this was an odd little dream, that just occurred.

I am driving a car. I am going along a straight four lane road, down hill. I want to turn right in the turn right lane. But I am in the left lane. We drive past. The car seems to be driving itself. We stick to the left lane. The road becomes three lanes. It is night. I wonder where this is leading.

The dream morphs. I am back the other way on a different road. Every few blocks the road gets narrower, until the 4 lane road is only wide enough for one set of cars at a time. Again I wonder where I am going. 

The dream morphs. I am in a three wheel bubble car. Though it is quite spacious. I am following (K) an Indian man from work. He turns right into a car park. I see some writing on the ground where the culvert out of the road and into the car park is. But I do not have time to read it. It is a yellow, official looking, painted sign. In the car park I start to pull into the last space. I wonder who we are visiting.

The dream ends.


a clear capsule

June 17, 2008

This is from a few days ago:

A man grabs a woman, she has curly black hair. He pushes her over to one side so her head is horizontal. He hits her on the left ear (now facing up). From her right ear falls two things. One is some ear wax. The other is a glass capsule partly covered in ear wax. I do not see what is in the capsule.

logging everything

June 6, 2008

a simple dream from this morning:

I am walking down a crowded street. It could be in any Australian city. There are many people, both sexes in business clothes. A man says, “you know they are logging everything you write.” I say I know. I think, that is cool and I smile.