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shot dead

July 30, 2008

this dream occurred only once a few years ago in full colour at the time that a dead soldier came back into the country.

There is a dormitory, very neat. It has about 8 single beds and modern construction. There are two people in soldiers uniforms. They are playing, pretending to shoot each other with their real guns. But a mistake is made and one shoots the other dead with a shot to the head.


Scattered cubes

July 12, 2008

I think that this dream first occurred some time after I was 10 (1972). It continued for quite some time, though the frequency decreases over time, and then stopped apart from the odd reoccurrence in my mid 20’s. The dream is in black and white and always very short.

I stand in a field of broken cubes. They are about 5 times bigger than me and made of stone. It is a very sad sight. It is the ruins of my soul. They are meant to be stacked in a great arch up into the sky. They are not. They lie as rubble on the ground. I do not know how to put them back together.

the melted yellow shirt

July 9, 2008

Well I had a whole lot of new dreams last night. But I will tell this one for now. The other one was very very long.

I stand in front of the ironing board. A hand reaches over and adjusts something on the iron. I am ironing a yellow shirt. The colour is a deep, slightly orangey yellow. It at first reminds me of a shirt I once had, but the colour is too strong. As I start ironing the shirt the dream zooms into the pointy part of the iron. I first iron a bit of the top of the shirt, then the sleeve. As I watch the material melts, unexpectedly it does not burn. I grab the iron and look over it. The hand blocks the Iron. I push it away. The iron is set to maximum heat. I turn down the heat.

a mountain village in Japan

July 4, 2008

This dream eventually came about as an extension to another dream. It happened in the time before I went to Japan.

I am standing on a road. Sometimes I seem to have been on a bicycle. I am up in the Japanese Alps. There is a mountain road, well made and in good condition, leading up around a bend away from me. On the inside of the bend is a house. It is a traditional japanese house. I go inside. The people are friendly and welcome me. I go into their house. It is very nice and well kept. I feel welcomed and at home. I could live there.