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becuase it would destroy our credibility

August 10, 2008

this dream occurred last thursday. it seemed to go forever and was very very disjointed. So I will just post some pertinent points.

I spend quite a bit of time driving around in the Prius. The dream keeps on wanting me to run into something. But I always manage to stop in time. Then after all of this, there is a leak from under the car, it is water. When I look there is an extra radiator, a yellow one, that is not on the real car. It looks like honeycomb from a bee hive. It is leaking water. Others then join in and drive along the same road, they obstruction is suddenly not there. They drive through and into a street where it is now the night and there are neon signs.

In other various disjointed segments I am at a carnival of some sort. There is a flash and green mossy stuff disappears down towards the ground. Later there is a sink. It is just after the leaking prius bit. The sink is quite filthy. I get a hose and clean it, but as I move from one side to the other the filth appears in front of the sink. I complain as I manage to clean most of it. A voice says, we won’t it would destroy out credibility. I think to myself, as if they have any left.