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pillar of light

October 16, 2008

This dream was a once off, it occurred in Cooma in 2005, when I stopped there for the night, en route from Sydney to Melbourne. The day before probably deserves a blog post in it’s own right. I suspect that my english is not good enough to describe this properly.

I can hear voices in the distance. There is a large group of people. They are shouting. There is a fight going on. I cannot make out individuals as there seems to be thousands involved. There are many people who are very very angry, mostly women. A whirlpool storm is centered on a city. A conical shaft of pure white light rises from the center of the storm, high into the sky. There are no clouds, but it is dark. The beam of light rises on an angle of about 10 degrees from the vertical, and from my vantage point, slightly towards me.



October 7, 2008

This is the first ever dream of levitation and that is scary…

A voice says, she can. A woman and 8 men stand in a square, facing the same way, with the woman in the middle. The men chant, the woman starts to levitate out of the middle.

At this point, i think that the whole thing is stupid, and I do not like the words in the chant so I wake up. Though I cannot remember the precise words.


October 1, 2008

This dream occurred late last week early in the morning. At the end, I got up.

I am in a building with a group of people. It is a tall, glass skyscraper. I am with people who I know and we are all staying in a dormitory of single beds. Though we are quite high up off the ground. As I am lying there I can here the others around them. In the distance there is the drone of engines. The building shakes as each bomb goes off. They get closer, but they never reach us.