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one hitler

December 29, 2008

this happened last night.

A man stands in a group of people. I look down from above. He says in a pained voice, It only takes one Hitler! The group of people pounce. He is dragged away, protesting that he is correct.


morris dancers

December 23, 2008

a new dream from last night

I can feel the mind of another person. A second male voice says, the channel is open. The first man nods. There is a group of about 6 men. They have a moment of anticipation in unison.

There is a wave of feeling. 6 Morris dancers appear. They seem to think that they are german folk dancers. But to me they are morris dancers. They start a dance. But it quickly degenerates in confusion because of the confusion of their origin. They drift apart.


December 5, 2008

This dream only just occurred.

I am in a place with nice 50s style wood seating and paneling trimmed with inserted green leather for cushions. There is a woman sitting opposite me. She is Japanese. She is being very friendly, but in a prescribed formulaic way. I think that this is a bit odd. I pull back. It turns out to be a Macdonalds. I am quite shocked. The dream ends.


December 5, 2008

This dream also happened while I was away, in a very complex conglomerate of about 4 dreams. I cannot fully recall the others, but this was the third:

The view pans back from a basket ball flying through the air past the net, to reveal several people who I knew well in the early 1980s, and one relative, playing basketball on a court. The whole scene is in sepia tone with very strong browns. They all look very surprised. A voice says, he is not gay?