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blue flags over all…

December 3, 2007

This dream is a new one. It occurred the night before last. I do not yet know it’s meaning or fully understand it’s context.

I am flitting madly from one spot to another in a seemingly panicked state. This is silly, I think. So I force it to slow down and have a look. I seem to be in churned up subsoil. I am moving about under the ground.  I am running away from something. So I force it to stop. I am in a little chamber made of granules of dirt. I have a look above the ground from the top of a slope. I flip to the top of the slope. Down the slope are blue banners, like from the legion of blue banners lined up in a neat grid. At first it seems that they are moving up the slope. I imagine that they are held by people. But later I decide that they are just stuck in the ground.