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for progress there has to be change

September 15, 2008

This dream occurred last night. Again it was very vivid, in colour and disjointed. I do not remember most of the imagery. Here are the key bits I remembered:

I am standing beside my car. A certain person (不噁林大客流量一) is putting luggage in the blue bags people use to save plastic bags, into the back of my car. I have to remove them.

I am in some kind of resort. It is quite high tech. I have gone up some steps. There is a doughnut shaped pool over which are some TV screens. One of the TV screens has what looks like a reporter saying some thing. I zoom into this man. A voice says, for there to be progress there must be change. I think, sounds fair enough to me. The dream ends.

Seems to me the problem is that no one can agree on the change. For example, I would have words to say to people who believe in fictional supernatural god beings about the lack of need for false idols…


becuase it would destroy our credibility

August 10, 2008

this dream occurred last thursday. it seemed to go forever and was very very disjointed. So I will just post some pertinent points.

I spend quite a bit of time driving around in the Prius. The dream keeps on wanting me to run into something. But I always manage to stop in time. Then after all of this, there is a leak from under the car, it is water. When I look there is an extra radiator, a yellow one, that is not on the real car. It looks like honeycomb from a bee hive. It is leaking water. Others then join in and drive along the same road, they obstruction is suddenly not there. They drive through and into a street where it is now the night and there are neon signs.

In other various disjointed segments I am at a carnival of some sort. There is a flash and green mossy stuff disappears down towards the ground. Later there is a sink. It is just after the leaking prius bit. The sink is quite filthy. I get a hose and clean it, but as I move from one side to the other the filth appears in front of the sink. I complain as I manage to clean most of it. A voice says, we won’t it would destroy out credibility. I think to myself, as if they have any left.

narrow streets and no right turns

June 20, 2008

this was an odd little dream, that just occurred.

I am driving a car. I am going along a straight four lane road, down hill. I want to turn right in the turn right lane. But I am in the left lane. We drive past. The car seems to be driving itself. We stick to the left lane. The road becomes three lanes. It is night. I wonder where this is leading.

The dream morphs. I am back the other way on a different road. Every few blocks the road gets narrower, until the 4 lane road is only wide enough for one set of cars at a time. Again I wonder where I am going. 

The dream morphs. I am in a three wheel bubble car. Though it is quite spacious. I am following (K) an Indian man from work. He turns right into a car park. I see some writing on the ground where the culvert out of the road and into the car park is. But I do not have time to read it. It is a yellow, official looking, painted sign. In the car park I start to pull into the last space. I wonder who we are visiting.

The dream ends.

Andrew Pugsley is dead!

January 2, 2008

this dream happened on 30 Dec 2007. It seems to be a rehash of vaguely remembered dreams from before, but from where andrew joins in, it is completely new.

I am in a bar come coffee shop, with australian bush furnishings, but serving a mix of things more like a beer house in europe. I have just come back from watching the filming of some movie or TV show. The people the actors and I seem to vaguely know them. Some are people I have met, but it is a bit non-specific. Then an old school friend turns up. Andrew Pugsley. I dare say a much younger version that you would see today. He has just taken a guest role in the show. 


We go back to my place, but do not stay. We do not talk. On the return trip, there is a great storm as you get sometimes in Sydney. We are speeding around the windy roads, quite like the ones in the Eastern Suburbs. Water sprays from the wheels of the prius as we zoom around the bends. In fact, I am not in the car. I am just the left of the left front wheel, watching the water spray up. At an intersection the car is shunted from behind. There is a multiple car pile up. I am not involved as I was not in the car.


I look across the road and there are about 10 wrecked cars. 8 are in some kind of shipping container. I wonder where andrew is. He is in the car, which is one of the burned out ones in the container. He is still strapped in the passenger seat. All that remains are the charred skeleton features. Though it is a bit rubbery and for some reason all still together. It is more like a prop from a bad horror movie. 


Cars and Cafes

June 21, 2007

Not long after I moved to Ridge Road, Kallista, I had this dream. I travel down the hill in my car to a shopping center, it is some strange amalgam of existing ones. It does not really exist. There are several cafes. In one are my friends. In others are people who live in the local area. All are full. From time to time the arrangement of the streets change. People are curious. The weather is mild. I go in with my friends. When I come out my car (back then a red ford laser) has been damaged. The back of it is bashed in as if by another car. Strangely I am annoyed and curious rather than upset.

Sometime later, driving up the hill from Belgrave, through Sherbrooke forest, a 4wd ran into the back of my car and caused very similar damage. Recently I had another car damage dream. Interesting. This time the car had been broken into via a smashed side window. But when I looked more closely and tried to analyze the situation, it changed to an open window. when I wonder how it is open, suddenly there is a smashed side panel (my current car has strange side panels). It is a moving target. Every-time I analyze the situation changes.