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old castle

February 4, 2008

This occurred for a while in the late 1980’s. Again it is a composite as the dream evolved over time.

I am traveling northwards, overland, through a forest. I come to a creek that has been changed into a canal and moat. On the other side is the wall of a deserted castle. I move in. It has huge stone rooms, but is unfurnished. Later some other join me and we occupy about 5 rooms in a small part of the castle. We have simple furnishings in the large rooms. The roofs are particularly tall at about 30 feet. 


parting of the crowd

October 5, 2007

This dream occurred occasionally for more than a decade. From the 1990s into the 2000s.

I am in a white stone castle. I stand at the open gate to the the outside world. I want to cross but there is the massive crowd of people heading from right to left. I cannot cross. Then one night after maybe more than 10 years of real time, the dream repeats and the crowd part. There is a path directly across. I start to cross and the dream ends. The last version occurred a few times, but it seems to have stopped occurring.