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Winch room at the top

November 26, 2007

This one occured from about the time I arrived in Sydney in it’s current form. Though the emtpy room existed for some time before. 

I am in the top of a dome shaped room looking down. Two people, possibly male stand and look at a device. It is like a winch, with wooden handles and a large metal chain. The chain goes through a hole in the floor. It is locked. They are checking that it is still locked and that it has not moved. They exit out onto a metal foot bridge through a metal door which slides shut downwards.


iron roof

October 26, 2007

This is a dream from the mid 1980’s when I lived in Oak Park. The dream occurred several times and evolved and mutated and took several forms. This is just one of them.

I am present in a disembodied form. I am in a dark place. There is a suggestion of a floor or the ground below me. But I do not seem to really notice it. I look up because I am lying on my back. I see the roof is made of large sheets of iron. They have been pop-riveted together. 

I felt that the iron dome was a new development, thought there were no dreams before. Maybe I just did not remember them. I felt that it was a device to keep me in. A jail of sorts. I suspected I could guess the cause and who did it.