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American Press

June 3, 2009

This dreams occurred on the morning of the 1st of may 2009.

I am in a room. It is made of clay, very yellow, very earthy. There are a few windows. It feels comfortable. An angry man behind me says, as long as you keep up this approach, it will continue to appear in the American Press.


coded key

April 29, 2009

This dream happened a few nights ago. Maybe Monday.

I am in a place. Things are mostly a greyish camel colour. I am going to travel somewhere a long way away. I go to a place and get a key. It looks like my garage door opener from Westmead, but it has a LCD screen with a display of about 5 digits as well as the button.

I am back where I stay. I pick up the unit. It has been reset. A person I know from the central coast says, I did that. I think it was a bit nasty. The code is still in there. But so are a bunch of other codes. It will take a while to sort it out. So I take it back to where I got the first code.

And the dream ends as I wake up.

cycling on the plains

April 25, 2009

The dream occurred a few nights ago. It was a part of a larger dream about being in Spain, but I can only remember enough details for this part, which occurred at the end.

I am sanding in a dark, golden farmland, the rolling hills as far as the eye can see are this rich colour, it is the sign of a crop that is ripe and ready for harvesting. 8 bicycles come towards me in two groups, single file. The first are 4 men. The second are 4 women. They seem to be wearing clothes of a dark blue and grey. The second woman waves as they ride past.

The dream ends.

a semi trailer and a cat

April 2, 2009

This happened this morning. It was a very very short dream. There were quite a few others but I do not remember them.

A cat is lying on the road. A semi trailer comes towards it. As the truck passes over the cat seems like it is should be squashed. But no, it grabs onto the outside of the wheel and starts going around in circles, clinging on grimly. Luckily for it, the truck is going slow. The cat still seems doomed. The truck turns left and passes close to a table. The cat jumps off onto the table.

not a pub

March 26, 2009

This dream happened this morning:

I walk into what I think is a pub. But it does not look like a pub. There are no beer taps, there is no alcohol. The building is a long thin one, quite old. There are racks and ovens, it looks like a bakery. There is a counter made of wood that has seen many years. The dream is has rich brown tones. I look at the man behind the counter. He has olive skin. He looks embarrassed. You’ll want the pasta and spinach he says. Behind him the shop is barren. I ask if they have a menu. He looks even more embarrassed. I look around. Sticking out of a stack of old, battered pizza cooking trays is the corner of a laminate menu. I look at it. He is non-committal. I wonder why I am here and what time it is. A watch face, a very large watch face appears. When I look closely it is saying 12:20. I am no longer worried that it is lunch time. I ask for the menu again. This time the pile of old pizza trays has increased. But the corner of the menu still sticks out from part way up the pile. I relent and order the spaghetti and spinach.

I sit at an old wooden table on a chair. As I eat other people come in. Quickly the few tables around me are filled up. A woman and her young son ask if they can sit at my table, there are no other places left. I do not mind. So they sit there. They have blond hair. When they get up to leave, I see her face for the first time and recognize her as a woman I knew from a long time ago. I give them each a hug before they leave. As they walk out the front door the dream ends. I had finished my meal.

a dry place

March 7, 2009

This dream was again very disjointed. Perhaps I go back to sleep during parts of them. It occurred a few nights ago.

I am sitting with some other people who I know, but the dream is non-specific as to who they actually are. There is dry grass, like you get during summer time. The land drops quickly less than a hundred meters to a rocky coast line. Waves smash against the rocks.

Later I am in a camping ground near by. Again the people are those I know, but non-specific. There are several tents. I have a small very dark green grey tent with a mesh. It is open to the sky as there is no chance of rain, with only the mesh over the top. Children play near-by.

A person gets into the tent. A fly is thrown over the top of the tent. The dream ends.

Empty Room

February 13, 2009

There was a dream earlier in the night, but I can only remember it was of some kind of parallel universe where things were similar but not the same. This next dream might go down as the shortest ever.

I look at a grey floor. There are little white crosses in a grid pattern. I look up. The whole room is this grey with white crosses in a grid pattern. The world has become empty. I am pleased and the wold ends.

F111s, anti aircraft guns and trench warfare

January 30, 2009

This dream occurred when I lived in North Fitzroy. It used to occur a fair bit and rarely ever had variants. I happened just before my mac 512K was stolen and at the time of the debate about the Australia card. So I think it was sometime around 1984. Many people I knew were seriously involved in the fight against the card. Much later I was given an address to do with the computer. It was in Moreland Street. I can’t remember the number. I think I have remembered it correctly. I should still have the bit of paper somewhere.

Sometimes the dream involved watching the F111s take off from near Sydney. But this was rare. Generally it started with me sitting in a trench. There was a trench running across the middle of NSW from north to south. The people manning the trench seemed to be on the western side, the thread coming from the east. The F111s would fly over to take reconnaissance photos of the trenches. But there was never any bombing and the people on the ground had guns, but did not fire back. The aircraft would sometimes drop leaflets. For some reason Dubbo was important, though it was on the western side of the trenches.

Apart from that, nothing really happened. I think that when the card project was cancelled, the dreams stopped.

"RAAF F111 flyby" by elsie [?]
RAAF F111 flyby

A cave on a greek island

January 18, 2009

This dream occurred many times around the start of 1990’s, particularly after I returned to Melbourne.

I am in a cave, down near the back. They are searching for me. People I know. (客流量有關然天) There is a medieval walled town near by, built of stone, with stone walls and a large gate. This is where they live. From my cave I can see down in to village. As time goes by the searches get more accurate and closer. They know I am in there. But every time they get close, I am able to hide in a deeper recess.

Blue tongue

January 3, 2009

A very very short dream from a few nights ago.

The first man (熱天憑) says: he is a blue tongue. The second (薊馬個人一) says, yes he is.