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one hitler

December 29, 2008

this happened last night.

A man stands in a group of people. I look down from above. He says in a pained voice, It only takes one Hitler! The group of people pounce. He is dragged away, protesting that he is correct.


morris dancers

December 23, 2008

a new dream from last night

I can feel the mind of another person. A second male voice says, the channel is open. The first man nods. There is a group of about 6 men. They have a moment of anticipation in unison.

There is a wave of feeling. 6 Morris dancers appear. They seem to think that they are german folk dancers. But to me they are morris dancers. They start a dance. But it quickly degenerates in confusion because of the confusion of their origin. They drift apart.


December 5, 2008

This dream only just occurred.

I am in a place with nice 50s style wood seating and paneling trimmed with inserted green leather for cushions. There is a woman sitting opposite me. She is Japanese. She is being very friendly, but in a prescribed formulaic way. I think that this is a bit odd. I pull back. It turns out to be a Macdonalds. I am quite shocked. The dream ends.


December 5, 2008

This dream also happened while I was away, in a very complex conglomerate of about 4 dreams. I cannot fully recall the others, but this was the third:

The view pans back from a basket ball flying through the air past the net, to reveal several people who I knew well in the early 1980s, and one relative, playing basketball on a court. The whole scene is in sepia tone with very strong browns. They all look very surprised. A voice says, he is not gay? 

one way street

November 20, 2008

This dream happened a few weeks ago while I was on holiday in Western NSW.

I am traveling along a urban street. There is a hill slightly to the left and the road heads up and along the side of this hill. Out of nowhere a person I know (包括) appears next to me. For some strange reason we turn left. The road ends in a T intersection, just over the crest of the hill. There is a brick wall on the other side which seems to mark out a railway line. A car passes from left to right. There is a one way sign also pointing from left to right. As I watch, the sign becomes fainter and a new arrow is painted over the top from right to left. Even though the road is only one lane wide, I turn left. The road quickly does a 90 degree turn to the left as there is an old (say 100 or more years old) building built up against the railway line. Traveling along the side of the road, there is a spot where a hole has been knocked in the wall. The road I am on continues, turning right at the end of the building. Through the hole is a steep tunnel going down. There is a track inside this tunnel that looks like a 4wd trail. I refuse to go down the tunnel and the dream ends.


November 17, 2008

this was a very very short dream last night or the night before.

a man with a very deep and rough voice says, in this country we put full stops after initials.

vertical lift

November 13, 2008

this dream reoccurred a lot during the 1990s and ended not long after I moved to Sydney in 1997.

I am an a very large seemingly natural cavern. Certainly the shape is not regular. It is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. There is machinery, like mining equipment, stretching to the roof. There is the constant sound of water dripping from the ceiling. I stand beside a large vertical conveyor, of the type used to take people up and down. It consists of many little platforms joined by a chain. You can step onto and off the platforms as they move slowly past. For a long time I ignored the lift. But one day, curious as to what was at the top, I caught the lift. Eventually, I came back down. This happened for a while. Later, one time when I caught the lift, there was this stone tunnel at the top, ramping up. It ended in a wide set of stairs. But there was a cave in at the top. The dream sequence came to an end not long after I moved to sydney. After this time, the blockage in the tunnel disappeared and I was able to move through.

I ran through the dream again this evening. There seems to be nothing after the tunnel.

giant cups

November 6, 2008

this dream occurred while on holiday last week on the coast of NSW. The dream was very short.

I am sitting a a large cup, the kind you might find in a circus ride, though this one is made of the cheap, mass produced, patterned glass that was made in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Thin walled, with a handle and a pattern of leaves and grapes. There are about 10 glass cups, more arranged as in a dodgem car track. Mine bumps off the one beside.

pillar of light

October 16, 2008

This dream was a once off, it occurred in Cooma in 2005, when I stopped there for the night, en route from Sydney to Melbourne. The day before probably deserves a blog post in it’s own right. I suspect that my english is not good enough to describe this properly.

I can hear voices in the distance. There is a large group of people. They are shouting. There is a fight going on. I cannot make out individuals as there seems to be thousands involved. There are many people who are very very angry, mostly women. A whirlpool storm is centered on a city. A conical shaft of pure white light rises from the center of the storm, high into the sky. There are no clouds, but it is dark. The beam of light rises on an angle of about 10 degrees from the vertical, and from my vantage point, slightly towards me.


October 7, 2008

This is the first ever dream of levitation and that is scary…

A voice says, she can. A woman and 8 men stand in a square, facing the same way, with the woman in the middle. The men chant, the woman starts to levitate out of the middle.

At this point, i think that the whole thing is stupid, and I do not like the words in the chant so I wake up. Though I cannot remember the precise words.