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a semi trailer and a cat

April 2, 2009

This happened this morning. It was a very very short dream. There were quite a few others but I do not remember them.

A cat is lying on the road. A semi trailer comes towards it. As the truck passes over the cat seems like it is should be squashed. But no, it grabs onto the outside of the wheel and starts going around in circles, clinging on grimly. Luckily for it, the truck is going slow. The cat still seems doomed. The truck turns left and passes close to a table. The cat jumps off onto the table.


locked doors and brief cases

April 19, 2008

This dream occurred a little over a week ago. As far as I know, it is a new one.

I am in the foyer of a multi story building. I want to leave the building. But the main doors are closed. I am with a group of about 8 people I do not know who are also trying to leave the building. We go down one side. There are many doors. But they are chined shut with a 2 cm thick chain in a blue plastic tube. We walk along the chain. There are some guards at the door. We have a restricted view because there are four or five steps up to the foot path and there is an overhang. We can only see the bottom half of the people on the foot path. 

The first of our group goes through the door and then the guard slams the door shut. The man who left looks like he is stunned and he freezes. His brown brief case opens and the contents spill on the ground. In there is what looks like a paper back book sized PDA and some papers. 

The security guard takes up the whole scene. He has is sub machine gun diagonally across his chest. He fires it while screaming, I’m Scared! I’m Scared!

I look back out at the footpath. None of the people passing by (there are two or three) are taking any notice of the man with his stuff spilled on the ground.

A gun emplacement

January 28, 2008

this dream happened a lot during the 1980’s. It had several variants and seemed to evolve over time.

I am at a dug in gun emplacement. Initially it is just a gun emplacement, in a tunnel, that has been overrun. Years later I wonder why. I watch from inside the gun emplacement a hoard of trolls show up and overrun the gun emplacement. The gunners put up a fight, but they are no match. As an observer I escape trough a hole in the ground. One day, later, I wonder what is in the hole in the ground. There is an air-conditioning fan. It takes up all of the small duct. But there is a gap, I let my self past the gap. They do not seem to understand how I escaped down here. I do this several times. 

A minor variant is that there is an underground river. On either side, there are gun emplacements. In both cases they are overrun. The gunners never win. 

people I know at the bottom of a shaft… escaping.

October 19, 2007

This is part of a long sequence of dreams over the decades about the ruined city, and it is very large, in a wide plane. The rubble is new and some of the buildings are still red hot from a fire. This one is from somewhere around 1990.

I stand on the viewing platform. It is a long pathway, seeming made with wooden decking material for the floor and a metal fence on the side with a polished wooden hand rail. The scene is very dark and mostly black with a little red and yellow where there is heat and fires in the burned city below. The hand rail is a dark rich grained wood. The city stretches across the valley. On the other side are low hills. The valley runs from left to right. There is a small spot of bright light. I fly over, not stopped by the fence. It is a vertical shaft. There are rungs down the shaft. I fly down through the ground parallel to the shaft. At the base of the shaft are about half a dozen people. The control room is fully functional and ablaze with light. The people, good friends of mine, are leaving the room, via a hatch. The last leave just as I get there. I do not know where the hatch leads to. The room itself is about 30 feet across and circular.

military ants

August 17, 2007

I am looking down and across. I can see into the ground. A group has noticed that they have been spotted. They are in what looks like the base of an underground ant’s nest, but they are people and the chambers are people sized ones. They realized that they have been seen and quickly make an escape, up thought he tunnels, taking everything with them. They have crates that look like giant and flat ammo boxes.

 2006 – Seymour