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not a pub

March 26, 2009

This dream happened this morning:

I walk into what I think is a pub. But it does not look like a pub. There are no beer taps, there is no alcohol. The building is a long thin one, quite old. There are racks and ovens, it looks like a bakery. There is a counter made of wood that has seen many years. The dream is has rich brown tones. I look at the man behind the counter. He has olive skin. He looks embarrassed. You’ll want the pasta and spinach he says. Behind him the shop is barren. I ask if they have a menu. He looks even more embarrassed. I look around. Sticking out of a stack of old, battered pizza cooking trays is the corner of a laminate menu. I look at it. He is non-committal. I wonder why I am here and what time it is. A watch face, a very large watch face appears. When I look closely it is saying 12:20. I am no longer worried that it is lunch time. I ask for the menu again. This time the pile of old pizza trays has increased. But the corner of the menu still sticks out from part way up the pile. I relent and order the spaghetti and spinach.

I sit at an old wooden table on a chair. As I eat other people come in. Quickly the few tables around me are filled up. A woman and her young son ask if they can sit at my table, there are no other places left. I do not mind. So they sit there. They have blond hair. When they get up to leave, I see her face for the first time and recognize her as a woman I knew from a long time ago. I give them each a hug before they leave. As they walk out the front door the dream ends. I had finished my meal.


a fence and a tunnel

March 18, 2008

This is another old one. From the later 1980’s or the early 1990’s.

There is a ridge line of dirt. It is brown. Along the top is a ver well made barbed wire fence, the kind with mesh below and barbed wire strung in strands along the top. Though it does not seem to have much purpose. Becuase you just use the tunnel down the hill. I go thorough the tunnel. The people I am visiting are on the other side. 

and endless green plain

July 23, 2007

I am traveling along a road across a dead flat endless green plain. It is a pleasant and uneventful journey. Off to one side is a river valley. I am traveling comfortably. Not in a car or any other such vehicle, but nor am I walking or running. In fact the idea of a road is just that, an idea. There is a side road into the valley. I go down there. There is a river and a series of rapids, waterfalls and lakes. People are scattered over this landscape. There are lots of people I know. I spend some time with them. It is a friendly and caring place. I could stay for a long time. But I only stay a short time and in the end I leave. I have somewhere else to go. A destination I do not understand. So I climb back out of the valley onto the endless green plain. I continue my journey.

From when I lived in West Melbourne.