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military ants

August 17, 2007

I am looking down and across. I can see into the ground. A group has noticed that they have been spotted. They are in what looks like the base of an underground ant’s nest, but they are people and the chambers are people sized ones. They realized that they have been seen and quickly make an escape, up thought he tunnels, taking everything with them. They have crates that look like giant and flat ammo boxes.

 2006 – Seymour 


interrogation room

August 12, 2007

I am walking in a room deep underground. It is large and has 5 cm wide, brown, vertical wood planks around the out side, arranged around the out side of the room. But, under the wood, as on the floor and roof, is plain concrete. In the middle is a simple, empty, wooden seat used for interrogations. It has straps for the occupants arms. I approach the seat from behind and to the left. Off to the right of this seat is a door. It is hidden by the paneling, but I know it is there. I go though the door and turn left up a narrow stair. Sometimes it feels as if the occupant of the seat only just left. But I never know who this might be.

From many years ago in North Fitzroy. This used to occur quite often, but now it only occurs occasionally. Maybe once a year.


June 16, 2007

I am in the north west of Western Australia. There are people to the south. Wonderful people call out Ningaloo with a happy voice. Never before or since have I heard such joy in the pronouncement of a name. They part in an unexpected and sudden movement. Behind them is an Apache helicopter in dark green and grey camouflage colours.  It takes off from the middle of the view towards the right.