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Scattered cubes

July 12, 2008

I think that this dream first occurred some time after I was 10 (1972). It continued for quite some time, though the frequency decreases over time, and then stopped apart from the odd reoccurrence in my mid 20’s. The dream is in black and white and always very short.

I stand in a field of broken cubes. They are about 5 times bigger than me and made of stone. It is a very sad sight. It is the ruins of my soul. They are meant to be stacked in a great arch up into the sky. They are not. They lie as rubble on the ground. I do not know how to put them back together.



November 20, 2007

this is a dream that I think started occurign some time around the age of 10. It continued, mostly unchanged until I was in my 20’s and then very rarely since then. If I want to, I can recall it instantly.

I stand amonst huge square blocks of stone. They are 10 times on thier side taller than I am. They are the ruins of the foundation of my soul. I am sad. But there is nothing I can do to put them back together.

people I know at the bottom of a shaft… escaping.

October 19, 2007

This is part of a long sequence of dreams over the decades about the ruined city, and it is very large, in a wide plane. The rubble is new and some of the buildings are still red hot from a fire. This one is from somewhere around 1990.

I stand on the viewing platform. It is a long pathway, seeming made with wooden decking material for the floor and a metal fence on the side with a polished wooden hand rail. The scene is very dark and mostly black with a little red and yellow where there is heat and fires in the burned city below. The hand rail is a dark rich grained wood. The city stretches across the valley. On the other side are low hills. The valley runs from left to right. There is a small spot of bright light. I fly over, not stopped by the fence. It is a vertical shaft. There are rungs down the shaft. I fly down through the ground parallel to the shaft. At the base of the shaft are about half a dozen people. The control room is fully functional and ablaze with light. The people, good friends of mine, are leaving the room, via a hatch. The last leave just as I get there. I do not know where the hatch leads to. The room itself is about 30 feet across and circular.

A Ruined City

September 16, 2007

There are several versions of this dream, so I have created a bit of a composite.

I stand on a viewing walkway. Stretching out below for many kilometers in front and to the left and right is the burning ruins of a city.  Smoke still rises from some of the ruins, but no building stands. The highest standing walls are only a few feet high. A little trickle of a river flows trough the city. In the distance there are black mountains. But there is a hole and a little trickle of light. I fly down the hole. It is a vertical shaft well lit. There are shiny rungs and the light is a golden yellow. As I approach my existence is detected. There are people I know quite well down there. It is a control room of sorts. As I get closer the escape though a hatch to another existence. The room at the base is about 30 feet across. It is a circular control room. Now abandoned. The controls are futuristic computer panels.