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the railway line

December 22, 2007

Another in a seemingly endless series of railway associated dreams. It is very short.

I am traveling across a world. I come to a single train track. I seem to have a choice. I can travel to the right or to the left. In both directions is a city. The one on the right is grey and dirty. The one on the left, shiny and white. I choose to travel to the right. It seems much more interesting.


catching the train

December 15, 2007

this occurred once around the start of the 2000 decade.

I am talking to a man. He gives some advice which is quite unusual and I should accept an expected offer when given. Later I am on a train. I go to take my bed. A person comes up and offers me a swap. I swap my ticket. I am in a similar style of accommodation, but there are people there who speak the same language as me and I start a conversation. Another woman wants to know how come we already know each other. But we do not know each other.