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one way street

November 20, 2008

This dream happened a few weeks ago while I was on holiday in Western NSW.

I am traveling along a urban street. There is a hill slightly to the left and the road heads up and along the side of this hill. Out of nowhere a person I know (包括) appears next to me. For some strange reason we turn left. The road ends in a T intersection, just over the crest of the hill. There is a brick wall on the other side which seems to mark out a railway line. A car passes from left to right. There is a one way sign also pointing from left to right. As I watch, the sign becomes fainter and a new arrow is painted over the top from right to left. Even though the road is only one lane wide, I turn left. The road quickly does a 90 degree turn to the left as there is an old (say 100 or more years old) building built up against the railway line. Traveling along the side of the road, there is a spot where a hole has been knocked in the wall. The road I am on continues, turning right at the end of the building. Through the hole is a steep tunnel going down. There is a track inside this tunnel that looks like a 4wd trail. I refuse to go down the tunnel and the dream ends.


vertical lift

November 13, 2008

this dream reoccurred a lot during the 1990s and ended not long after I moved to Sydney in 1997.

I am an a very large seemingly natural cavern. Certainly the shape is not regular. It is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. There is machinery, like mining equipment, stretching to the roof. There is the constant sound of water dripping from the ceiling. I stand beside a large vertical conveyor, of the type used to take people up and down. It consists of many little platforms joined by a chain. You can step onto and off the platforms as they move slowly past. For a long time I ignored the lift. But one day, curious as to what was at the top, I caught the lift. Eventually, I came back down. This happened for a while. Later, one time when I caught the lift, there was this stone tunnel at the top, ramping up. It ended in a wide set of stairs. But there was a cave in at the top. The dream sequence came to an end not long after I moved to sydney. After this time, the blockage in the tunnel disappeared and I was able to move through.

I ran through the dream again this evening. There seems to be nothing after the tunnel.

a fence and a tunnel

March 18, 2008

This is another old one. From the later 1980’s or the early 1990’s.

There is a ridge line of dirt. It is brown. Along the top is a ver well made barbed wire fence, the kind with mesh below and barbed wire strung in strands along the top. Though it does not seem to have much purpose. Becuase you just use the tunnel down the hill. I go thorough the tunnel. The people I am visiting are on the other side. 

A gun emplacement

January 28, 2008

this dream happened a lot during the 1980’s. It had several variants and seemed to evolve over time.

I am at a dug in gun emplacement. Initially it is just a gun emplacement, in a tunnel, that has been overrun. Years later I wonder why. I watch from inside the gun emplacement a hoard of trolls show up and overrun the gun emplacement. The gunners put up a fight, but they are no match. As an observer I escape trough a hole in the ground. One day, later, I wonder what is in the hole in the ground. There is an air-conditioning fan. It takes up all of the small duct. But there is a gap, I let my self past the gap. They do not seem to understand how I escaped down here. I do this several times. 

A minor variant is that there is an underground river. On either side, there are gun emplacements. In both cases they are overrun. The gunners never win. 

blue flags over all…

December 3, 2007

This dream is a new one. It occurred the night before last. I do not yet know it’s meaning or fully understand it’s context.

I am flitting madly from one spot to another in a seemingly panicked state. This is silly, I think. So I force it to slow down and have a look. I seem to be in churned up subsoil. I am moving about under the ground.  I am running away from something. So I force it to stop. I am in a little chamber made of granules of dirt. I have a look above the ground from the top of a slope. I flip to the top of the slope. Down the slope are blue banners, like from the legion of blue banners lined up in a neat grid. At first it seems that they are moving up the slope. I imagine that they are held by people. But later I decide that they are just stuck in the ground. 

people I know at the bottom of a shaft… escaping.

October 19, 2007

This is part of a long sequence of dreams over the decades about the ruined city, and it is very large, in a wide plane. The rubble is new and some of the buildings are still red hot from a fire. This one is from somewhere around 1990.

I stand on the viewing platform. It is a long pathway, seeming made with wooden decking material for the floor and a metal fence on the side with a polished wooden hand rail. The scene is very dark and mostly black with a little red and yellow where there is heat and fires in the burned city below. The hand rail is a dark rich grained wood. The city stretches across the valley. On the other side are low hills. The valley runs from left to right. There is a small spot of bright light. I fly over, not stopped by the fence. It is a vertical shaft. There are rungs down the shaft. I fly down through the ground parallel to the shaft. At the base of the shaft are about half a dozen people. The control room is fully functional and ablaze with light. The people, good friends of mine, are leaving the room, via a hatch. The last leave just as I get there. I do not know where the hatch leads to. The room itself is about 30 feet across and circular.

A Ruined City

September 16, 2007

There are several versions of this dream, so I have created a bit of a composite.

I stand on a viewing walkway. Stretching out below for many kilometers in front and to the left and right is the burning ruins of a city.  Smoke still rises from some of the ruins, but no building stands. The highest standing walls are only a few feet high. A little trickle of a river flows trough the city. In the distance there are black mountains. But there is a hole and a little trickle of light. I fly down the hole. It is a vertical shaft well lit. There are shiny rungs and the light is a golden yellow. As I approach my existence is detected. There are people I know quite well down there. It is a control room of sorts. As I get closer the escape though a hatch to another existence. The room at the base is about 30 feet across. It is a circular control room. Now abandoned. The controls are futuristic computer panels.

Escape from a tunnel

August 24, 2007

This is a part of a long series of repeating dreams from the 1980’s. Occasionally the dream happens again.

I am in a tunnel. In this instance the tunnel is long an narrow. I am manning an artillery position with several others. We are attacked by a bunch of trolls. They overrun our position. I am the only one to survive. The others are not killed, they are carried away.

military ants

August 17, 2007

I am looking down and across. I can see into the ground. A group has noticed that they have been spotted. They are in what looks like the base of an underground ant’s nest, but they are people and the chambers are people sized ones. They realized that they have been seen and quickly make an escape, up thought he tunnels, taking everything with them. They have crates that look like giant and flat ammo boxes.

 2006 – Seymour 

interrogation room

August 12, 2007

I am walking in a room deep underground. It is large and has 5 cm wide, brown, vertical wood planks around the out side, arranged around the out side of the room. But, under the wood, as on the floor and roof, is plain concrete. In the middle is a simple, empty, wooden seat used for interrogations. It has straps for the occupants arms. I approach the seat from behind and to the left. Off to the right of this seat is a door. It is hidden by the paneling, but I know it is there. I go though the door and turn left up a narrow stair. Sometimes it feels as if the occupant of the seat only just left. But I never know who this might be.

From many years ago in North Fitzroy. This used to occur quite often, but now it only occurs occasionally. Maybe once a year.