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F111s, anti aircraft guns and trench warfare

January 30, 2009

This dream occurred when I lived in North Fitzroy. It used to occur a fair bit and rarely ever had variants. I happened just before my mac 512K was stolen and at the time of the debate about the Australia card. So I think it was sometime around 1984. Many people I knew were seriously involved in the fight against the card. Much later I was given an address to do with the computer. It was in Moreland Street. I can’t remember the number. I think I have remembered it correctly. I should still have the bit of paper somewhere.

Sometimes the dream involved watching the F111s take off from near Sydney. But this was rare. Generally it started with me sitting in a trench. There was a trench running across the middle of NSW from north to south. The people manning the trench seemed to be on the western side, the thread coming from the east. The F111s would fly over to take reconnaissance photos of the trenches. But there was never any bombing and the people on the ground had guns, but did not fire back. The aircraft would sometimes drop leaflets. For some reason Dubbo was important, though it was on the western side of the trenches.

Apart from that, nothing really happened. I think that when the card project was cancelled, the dreams stopped.

"RAAF F111 flyby" by elsie [?]
RAAF F111 flyby


A gun emplacement

January 28, 2008

this dream happened a lot during the 1980’s. It had several variants and seemed to evolve over time.

I am at a dug in gun emplacement. Initially it is just a gun emplacement, in a tunnel, that has been overrun. Years later I wonder why. I watch from inside the gun emplacement a hoard of trolls show up and overrun the gun emplacement. The gunners put up a fight, but they are no match. As an observer I escape trough a hole in the ground. One day, later, I wonder what is in the hole in the ground. There is an air-conditioning fan. It takes up all of the small duct. But there is a gap, I let my self past the gap. They do not seem to understand how I escaped down here. I do this several times. 

A minor variant is that there is an underground river. On either side, there are gun emplacements. In both cases they are overrun. The gunners never win.