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Winch room at the top

November 26, 2007

This one occured from about the time I arrived in Sydney in it’s current form. Though the emtpy room existed for some time before. 

I am in the top of a dome shaped room looking down. Two people, possibly male stand and look at a device. It is like a winch, with wooden handles and a large metal chain. The chain goes through a hole in the floor. It is locked. They are checking that it is still locked and that it has not moved. They exit out onto a metal foot bridge through a metal door which slides shut downwards.


ruined control room

October 12, 2007

This is a dream that seems to relate to an ongoing story line. There is a very old part, perhaps stating as early as 1980. Then it stopped for a long time. Though occasionally in dreams I remembered it or just went there to visit. Later, in the early part of the 2000’s it had a second variant.

I stand in a long narrow room. It spans a chasm of some sort. The chasm is not deep. There appears to be a town or a city outside in the chasm. The control room is wrecked. It has been so for quite some time and it is deserted. It looks like the place cracked open. If you think of how a beam cracks when overloaded. That is how this place looks. There is sometimes a hint of being watched form one end. By people who would rather that no one knew about this place.

 The new version.

The place has been rebuilt and it is shiny and new. There have been quite a few renovations. Whoever was watching before now seems hopeful that I will be impressed. I am somewhat and I attempt to let this show. However, my main view seems to be that it is irrelevant. I think it is either the wrong place or that I do not understand or see the purpose.