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rocket ship

September 28, 2007

I have been wandering around my wilderness camp in the forest happy and alone. I come to a wall of large white stone blocks. At it’s base is a rocket ship. I am offered a ride into the sky. I decline.


A Ruined City

September 16, 2007

There are several versions of this dream, so I have created a bit of a composite.

I stand on a viewing walkway. Stretching out below for many kilometers in front and to the left and right is the burning ruins of a city.  Smoke still rises from some of the ruins, but no building stands. The highest standing walls are only a few feet high. A little trickle of a river flows trough the city. In the distance there are black mountains. But there is a hole and a little trickle of light. I fly down the hole. It is a vertical shaft well lit. There are shiny rungs and the light is a golden yellow. As I approach my existence is detected. There are people I know quite well down there. It is a control room of sorts. As I get closer the escape though a hatch to another existence. The room at the base is about 30 feet across. It is a circular control room. Now abandoned. The controls are futuristic computer panels.


September 6, 2007

I had a dream like the scream painting. There was an Indian woman. A wind came up and her skin and flesh was blown away, from inside her head. She was left looking like the woman in the painting. I would have none of this and reversed the dream. There were many happy Indian people as a result, there were partying miniature elephants and an god was happy.